BabyBay side sleeping cot remains the safest and best way for parents to sleep alongside their new-borns. Not only is it widely recommended by midwives and HCPs it is also a product frequently used on maternity wards.

BabyBay is compatible with most different styles of bed, attaching securely with adjustable clamps so there is absolutely no risk of the baby falling between it and the bed, or even the BabyBay moving away from the bed. There are no separate rails, no folding panels, no tilted function required and the base of the cot is fully adjustable meaning it can be perfectly matched to the exact height of the parents’ bed. This ensures that the mattress on the bed and the mattress of the BabyBay are completely flush.

BabyBay is very sturdy, fully height adjustable and provides all the benefits of a co-sleeping environment without any of the associated risks. It is designed in Germany and made in Europe from sustainable wood. The range of mattresses we stock are all made in the UK and designed specifically to fit the unique shape of the cot. The product comes with full instructions for fitting and assembly and fully conforms to EN71.3 European safety standard EN1130.