16 inch/40cm Eco Pedestal Fan w. DC Motor (SFDC-4057RC)

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30W Energy-Saving DC motor, Illuminated IMC display, 15hr OFF/ON Timer & Remote Control

Model: SFDC-4057RC



  • Eligible for Quiet Mark accreditation as “…one of the quietest Pedestal Propeller fans we have tested.”
  • 5 fan blades
  • Illuminated IMC Touch display
  • Remote Control w. 3V battery (CR2032)
  • 24 Speeds
  • Horizontal Oscillation
  • 0.5 to 15hr Timer (Off)
  • 0.5 to 15hr Pre-set Timer (On)
  • 3 Modes w. 5 speeds
  • Height Adjustable Stand
  • Carry Handle
  • Self-assembly

Instruction Manual for SFDC-4057RC – CLICK HERE


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This elegant, height adjustable 16” Pedestal Fan w. DC Motor & Remote Control (SFDC-4057RC) is ideal for any location ~ home or office. It combines stylish good looks with exceptional cooling performance, quiet operation and is packed with useful features.

The DC motor ensures the latest energy saving efficiencies ~ significantly reducing running costs compared to traditional fans.

The intelligent timer feature allows you to program ‘Time OFF’ & ‘Time ON’ in half-hour segments up to 3hrs and then by hour up to 15hrs.

Different modes allow you to select exactly what type of cooling your require; from a gentle, rhythmic breeze effect or a powerful continuous movement of the surrounding air.

All features can be selected on the manual IMC touch display or conveniently via the remote control.

This fan is ideal for night-time use in the bedroom or during the day in your living room or office.

Giftbox Dimensions:
108.0 (H) x 46.5 (W) x 19.0 (D) cm
Product Dimensions:
119.0 – 133.0 (H) x 45.5 (W) x 44.5 (D) cm
N.W. 6.9kg
G.W. 9.5kg
Class 1 Product

Additional information

Weight 9.65 kg
Dimensions 46.5 × 19.5 × 108 cm

9 reviews for 16 inch/40cm Eco Pedestal Fan w. DC Motor (SFDC-4057RC)

  1. Brian Luff

    The fan I have doesn’t have the remote control or programmability, but in all other aspects it’s the same. I’ve turned one of our spare bedrooms into a home gym, and a decent fan is essential. This fan is both quiet and powerful (I’ve not needed to use the higher throughput settings. With height and tilt adjustment it’s fine whether I’m down low rowing, or higher up on a turbo trainer or elliptical cross-trainer. It’s possible to lock out the side-to-side oscillations, so there’s all the flexibility I need. I would recommend this type of fan for anyone needing a fan that’s both powerful and quiet.

    • Trisha Stovold

      Delighted you like the Eco Ped – it is indeed powerful & quiet, as well as economical to run. The fan is still programmable without a remote control – please refer to pages 5 & 6 of the instruction manual.

  2. Pete

    This fan is simply brilliant and worth every penny. My house is reasonably new so very well insulated. This means in the summer the heat in the bedrooms can become unbearable even with the windows open. I have bought fans from other manufacturers and had to send them straight back as the noise and vibration from them was far to load whilst trying to sleep.

    This fan is defiantly the answer to all my problems. The build quality is exceptional and is very sturdy with heavy base to ensure stability. Took 10 minutes to put together. Would have been quicker if I could find my screwdrivers lol. 3 screws for the base and 1 for the fan cover, that’s it for screws!

    I use this at night so the remote control was a must after spending last few years having to get up every time i wanted to turn fan on or off or change speed. One of the major features or benefits is how quiet it is and very low vibration. My last fan used to send vibrations through the floorboards which you could here in other rooms. This fan vibration level is very low even on the higher settings.

    There is a very good choice of settings as well as low level settings for when you want to use is in bedroom, so you or people in next room don’t get disturbed. As with any product there is always positive and negative points. With this one the only down side i can find is the digital display adds a glow to the bedroom once the lights are out, and can’t find option to dim it. To be honest it didn’t disturb me but thought best to mention it.

    By far my best purchase this summer and it looks great too!

  3. John Hughs

    Superb machine. Fantastic build quality, sturdy and good looking. Perfect for use during the night, exceptionally quiet. So many settings and easy to use, the perfect choice for staying cool. Would have been five stars all day long, but two of the retaining bolts for the pedestal were missing from the box, emailed supplier the same day and they replied within minutes, but five days later still using with only one bolt fitted.

  4. S Roger

    By far the best fan I have seen or owned. Stunning quality and such a good performer with many different modes for breeze sleep etc. genuinely awesome fan with ultra quiet operation.

  5. Mrs B

    Excellent no issues at all

  6. Philip

    Quietist fan ever! Perfect for hot nights and we love the Sleep function to have it shut off after x hours.

  7. Lafir Meerasaib

    Best ever. very smooth and silent. worth the money!

  8. Nic Kelly

    I Purchased this fan about 6 months ago, I also have a Dyson Desktop fan and have to say this NSA ECO fan is far superior to the Dyson!! so much so I now have 2 of these fans! they are simply brilliant, extremely quiet, cheap to run, has far more programmes and options to the Dyson fan! When I first purchased the Dyson I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, I was then shown this fan by a friend and could not believe how much better it was, it is stronger, quieter and certainly does a lot more than the Dyson does. I absolutely love the breeze setting which I use during the muggy days. The Dyson I found I could only go to number 3 before it started to become too noisy to sleep through, the air it produced was well lets just say pitiful! With this fan I can go to number 12 which lets out a constant cooling flow that actually cools me down during the muggy nights! Don’t waste your money on buying an expensive overpriced Dyson these are so much better and a fraction of the price!!! Buy one you will not be disappointed they are simply fantastic probably the best on the market at the moment. I now have 2 in my home and probably won’t be long until I buy a 3rd for my parents!!!

    • Trisha

      Nic, we’re delighted you like your Eco Pedestal Fans. Thank you for your continued support. Sales Team NSAuk

  9. Ken (verified owner)

    I bought one of these last year and was really pleased with it, but it really came into its own during the current hot spell; so much so that I ordered another last week. We’ve found that having a second one made so much difference I am about to order a third!
    As well as being an extremely efficient, well engineered fan with a solid base that makes it stable and safe in our home, being quiet enough to cool us while we sleep and having the benefit of a remote control that works from a reasonable distance, we have also found it makes a real difference to the air quality in our home: very important to us as both my wife and I get real problems with all sorts of chemicals and pollution.

    As we’ve been very happy with their other products we’ve used I looked at the Dyson fan with cooling before buying our second one of these, but having read the reviews I stuck with this one, and even having bought two more of them I’ve still paid less than for the Dyson ?:-)
    We consider them excellent value for money even though they appeared expensive when we first looked at them.

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