Extendable Babybox Cot & Modular 3-Stage Mattress

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The Mini Cot and Cot introduces the universal concept of growth, relating the cot to the size of the baby. It reinvents the traditional cot, creating a product of contemporary design that is growing with the baby since it is born up to two years. It represents in just one object the different products offered in the market for every stage, and suggests an alternative use as toy storage box.

The baby grows up fast. The cot, too.

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2016-gold-junior-design-for-moodelli-cotsilver-cotprima-baby-shortlisted-2016-growiiMini-cot and cot all in one. moodelli babybox is an unprecedented universal concept, adaptable to the size and to each stage of the child during the early years. An evolutionary solution that reinvents the traditional cot with a contemporary design inspired by the baby’s growth from birth to three years old. This way it allows unifying all the necessary products in this stage is just one, optimizing full functionality. Its versatility allows it to be moved from one environment to another one, so the baby is always close to his parents.

The product evolution culminates in the toy box, perfect for helping the child to put toys in order.




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