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You don’t turn on the light. You just release it.

Design is always surprising and its innovation astonishes. Enjoying the lamp Moodelli Dimerlamp is an experience you will never forget. Its adaptable lighting system is unique, simple and practical. A perfect combination for the rest of Moodelli products.

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Moodelli Dimerlamp is a different lamp with a natural design and a unique system of light.
A cube with personality that provides ambient lighting and produces variable and comfortable lighting in any room. It has an ingenious turning on system, by opening the lamp itself. This opening movement can also adjust the intensity of the light, producing a different effect for each occasion. To turn the lamp off , just close the cube.
It is a great product to accompany the baby with a dim light and to provide the necessary light for the various needs of the baby through the night. You don’t turn on the light. You just release it.



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