Rechargeable Column Fan w. DC Motor & RC ~ Corded or Cordless Use

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DC Motor & Remote Control
Model No: TFRDC-50RC


  • The Ultimate in cooling portability – can be used corded or cordless
  • Eligible for Quiet Mark accreditation as “…one of the quietest Column fans we have tested”
  • Rechargeable ~ Up to 8 hrs of Cordless Use (on low setting)
  • DC Economy Motor
  • ‘Soft touch’ Electronic Controls w. Digital Display
  • Remote Control
  • Oscillation
  • Integrated Carry Handle w. RC storage recess
  • 3 Modes – Breeze, Sleep & Auto – w. 5 speeds
  • 24 speeds when in Normal operation
  • 0.5h to 15-hour Timer with Preset
  • Aroma / Scent Box
  • Pre-assembled

Manual: Instructions TFRDC-50RC tower fan – pg1-8


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This really is the very latest in cooling technology & versatility ~ Perfect for use any place, anytime ~ cordless or corded use.

Versatile and stunning in both features & design ~ This elegant Rechargeable Tower Fan w. DC Motor & Remote Control (TFRDC-50RC) is ideal for any location ~ home or office. It combines stylish good looks with exceptional cooling performance, quiet operation and is packed with useful features.
The DC motor ensures the latest energy saving efficiencies ~ significantly reducing running costs compared to traditional fans.
The intelligent timer feature allows you to program ‘Time ON’ & ‘Time OFF’.

Speed of air flow is easily controlled by a swirl dial on the top of the fan. Aroma oils can be used via the aroma box where drops of essential oils can be added to the lint drawer for a subtle, delicate aroma.

Various modes allow you to select exactly what type of cooling your require; from a gentle breeze effect or a powerful continuous movement of the surrounding air.
The revolutionary rechargeable feature is when this fan comes into its own by allowing the ultimate in versatility. The cord can be removed & this remarkable fan can be moved from room to room – wherever it is required. It is ideal for night-time use in the bedroom & then back to the living room by day ~ no unplugging & re-plugging required.

It could even be used outside on the terrace if required (NB not IPX rated)

Technical Info
Model No: TFRDC-50RC
EAN: 5 060301 911073
Voltage: 220-240V ~ 50Hz
Power: 30W
Dimensions (HxWxD): 1055 x 260 x 260 mm
Weight: N.W. 6.0kg, G.W. 7.5kg, Class II Product

Manual: Instructions TFRDC-50RC tower fan (pg1-8)


Additional information

Weight 8.0 kg
Dimensions 32.5 × 32 × 111 cm

6 reviews for Rechargeable Column Fan w. DC Motor & RC ~ Corded or Cordless Use

  1. Paul Smart

    Often things arrive at totally the wrong time of year, sometimes however they arrive exactly when you can get the best from an item, here one of the latter category a column fan during the hottest part of the year and over the next few weeks it got lots of use in both my office, lounge and bedroom, in the case of the last mentioned because it was nearly silent.

    This column fan measures just over a metre tall and around a quarter of that size at the base, it weighs just under 5.4 kilos.

    It can rotate 90 degrees or be used in a static position.

    It is ribbed all the way up in horizontal increments and starting 27cm from the base there are 59 rows of three spaces where the air is expelled. The area they cover is slightly decreased as they near the top.

    The top edge is slightly sloped and the manual controls are on this area. Just below the spaces in a small tray where if you wish you can put a couple of drops of scented oil to allow you to have an aroma.

    While this is a very effective fan that has made my working and home life a lot more pleasant in the recent hot spells of weather if has extra secrets I have yet to mention, it is variable speed from a very light breeze ‘1’ up to a veritable gale ‘24’.

    It can also be controlled by a supplied remote control that is powered by a clock type battery also supplied.

    In most cases the unit will work from the mains and a 1.7metre lead is supplied which on occasions I found a little short but you can always use an extension lead.

    The main surprise is still to come; it can also be powered by an internal battery which automatically recharges as soon as you connect to mains power again.

    I got five hours of use at the ‘12’ setting which was the most I could accept without the fan disrupting papers all over the office. I also got close to nine and a half hours at ‘6’ in my bedroom and at this setting it was virtually silent but still kept me cool lying on top of the bed during the hottest weather.

    At the ‘6’ setting the fan was still powerful enough to turn the pages of a magazine at around 1.2metres away.

    Should you want to it is possible to set the fan to come on at a certain time in advance.

    To say I like this fan is an understatement, to say I enjoyed my review period is also true, the real joy was that it enabled me to work on days when all I would otherwise be able to do was walk around sweating and drinking lots of cold drinks as when you are too hot you can’t concentrate and you probably have to do the same thing at least twice to get it right.

    While I did not try the ‘aroma’ box I can see that some would enjoy the scents especially if they have a sweaty partner nearby.

    An ordinary desk fan with rotating blades just moves the air around and probably always requires everything to be weighted down, having the choice of speeds is a nice plus, having a remote control is also a nice touch but for me being able to use it when there is no power it could even be considered a life saver.

    The NSA UK Rechargeable Column Fan TFRDC-50RC is available from the link below for £165.

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  2. Fiona

    This is a perfect replacement to my old tower fan, it has so much more for the money. It is very quiet even at high speeds.

  3. John T

    I was skeptical due to the price, but having endured sleepless nights as my partner has some sort of comfort from a fan, I thought I’d go for it and I’m glad I did. It’s quiet and you can turn off the LEDs at night. I am delighted I took the plunge.

    This review was taken from the John Lewis website 08.09.2017

  4. Dan W

    This NSA Tower Fan is possibly the best fan I have ever owned; It’s vast feature-set and cordless functionality make it easily the most superior fan in its class.
    The fan is quiet to operate and perfect to leave running over night on a low setting or for just a couple of hours using the built-in timer. A long-press of the power button turns off the built-in display which is perfect for night time use.
    It’s rechargeable battery not only proved useful when using this fan in areas without a nearby electrical outlet but even more so when we suffered a two-hour power outage! As everything else shut off, this fan just carried on going, keeping us cool right through the power cut on the hottest day of the year!

    The rechargeable battery is enclosed inside the fan and automatically charges when the fan is plugged in. Having the small remote available also comes in really handy – turning the fan up and down from the comfort of a chair couldn’t be easier.

    I’m yet to use the “Aroma” function, although I can imagine that it could be quite pleasant when having house guests to keep a fresh scent in the air.
    I really do not have a bad word to say when it comes to this fan, it really is exceptional!

    This review was taken from the John Lewis website 08.09.2017

  5. Rosie F

    I am rarely excited by ‘electrical appliances’ however…I love this fan. It is amazing. Incredibly powerful, with the coolest controls. Looks great & does what it’s meant to. Haven’t tried it cordless yet – but we will.

    This review was taken from the John Lewis website 08.09.2017

  6. Fred Kieme

    We don’t normally write reviews but these fans have literally changed our life.
    A few years ago we wanted an effective fan as my wife suffered hot flushes. Soon we discovered the wide range of benefits of this large rechargeable tower fan.
    For those who think fans only move warm air around, that may be the case with bladed fans, but not this beauty. No more do we fear sultry Summer weather for at the touch of a switch we are as cool as we choose.
    We live in a retirement flat and at our age we become unbearably hot, but now we can move this rechargeable fan to where we need it. Provided you are reasonably fit enough to carry it, so check the weight. Being heavier it runs extremely quietly and does not disturb any other activities, particularly as you can turn it right down as the room cools after just a few minutes.
    Our ninety year old neighbour was so impressed by how cool we were that she asked us to purchase one for her. On telephoning NSA I was delighted by the help I received when I explained our requirements. Just twenty four hours later her fan arrived perfectly packaged and was ready to go in just ten minutes, she said it had saved her life that Summer.
    Altogether NSA fans have been among the best products we have ever bought and we have no hesitation in giving them a 100% recommendation

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