Touch Safe Intelligent Fan w. Horizontal Tilt & RC (SFDC-30213RC)

22W Energy Saving DC motor, Vertical & Horizontal Tilt, 30° / 70° / 110° Oscillation, 6hr OFF/ON Timer, LED Display & Remote Control

Model: SFDC-30213RC


  • Quiet Mark accreditation
  • Touch-Safe, Auto-Stop Grille
  • Energy Saving DC Motor
  • Ultra-Quiet 7-Blade Tabletop/Pedestal Fan
  • Child Lock & Motion Sensor
  • Remote Control w. 3V battery (CR2032)
  • Multi position tilt – Vertical to Horizontal
  • Oscillation – 30° / 70° / 110°
  • 24 Speeds w. Turbo/Laundry Setting
  • 3 Modes w. 4 Speed Levels
  • Room Temperature w. Intelligent Breeze
  • 1 / 2 / 4 / 6 hr Timer (Off)
  • 1 / 2 / 4 / 6 hr Timer (On)
  • Height Adjustable to 1.110m
  • Carry Handle

Instruction Manual: Click Here

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This Touch-Safe, Intelligent, 12" Tabletop/Pedestal Fan w. Remote Control, Energy Saving DC Motor and Multi-Tilt Positioning including Horizontal (SFDC-30213RC) is ideal for any location ~ home or office. It combines stylish good looks with exceptional cooling performance, quiet operation and is packed with useful features.

Auto-Stop Grille ~ Touching the fan grilles for less than 2 secs will cause the fan to briefly stop operating. Touching the fan for longer than 2 secs will turn off the fan completely.

The DC motor ensures the latest energy saving efficiencies ~ significantly reducing running costs compared to traditional fans.

The intelligent timer feature allows you to program ‘Time OFF’ 1, 2, 4, 6 hrs & ‘Time ON’ after 1, 2, 4 or 6 hrs.

There is a Turbo/Laundry setting for fast cooling or clothes drying.  This setting will run for 4 hours and then revert to the previous setting.

Motion sensor, if selected, will turn the fan into standby when no motion is detected for over 5 minutes and turn on again if motion is detected within two hours.  If no movement is detected, the fan will turn off.

Different modes allow you to select exactly what type of cooling your require; from a gentle, rhythmic breeze effect or a powerful continuous movement of the surrounding air.

Intelligent Auto Sensor / Temperature Control will operate automatically at these speeds - 24°C/Sp 1; 28°C/Sp 12; 31°C/Sp 18; 34°C/Sp 24 and above 35°C/Turbo setting.

Most features can be selected on the manual controls, some can only be selected via the remote control.

With the option to turn off the audible beeps, this fan is ideal for night-time use in the bedroom or during the day in your living room or office.

Giftbox Dimensions:
37.5 (H) x 85.0 (W) x 20.0 (D) cm
Product Dimensions:
90.0 – 111.0 (H) x 36.0 (W) x 36.0 (D) cm
N.W. 5.32kg
G.W. 7.1kg
Class II Product

Additional information

Weight 7.1 kg
Dimensions 85 × 20 × 37.5 cm


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