Frequently Asked Questions?

Travel Centre FAQ’s

Q: I’m having trouble folding the tent away, can you help?

A: Yes, there is a knack to it, just watch the short video for a full run through of how best to assemble and pack away your travel centre .

Q: How do I secure the travel centre on a windy beach?

A: Tent pegs are supplied which will keep your travel centre securely in place – remember to pack them in your luggage & NOT to fly with them in hand luggage as they will be confiscated.

Q: Can I buy a replacement mattress?

A: Yes, they are available directly from us simply call to discuss or order here.

Q: To what age can I use the travel centre?

A: For our standard travel centre we recommend sleeping in the tent up to approximately 2 years but your child will happily use it for activities until they are at least 5years old. For the Deluxe version, we recommend sleeping in the tent up to c.5 years but children can still use these tents until they are 8 years old or more, both versions make great camps for indoors and outdoors fun.

Q: What are the main uses for the travel centre?

A: Our travel centres have multi-uses, their main purpose is as a tent with UV protection for use at the beach, in the garden or local park; the mesh sides & windows offer protection from biting insects or mosquitos; they can be used as a simple, light travel cot for home or away with family or friends or it can be used as an activity centre.

Q: Where do I put the mattress to stop it sliding about?

A: The air mattress zips into a specifically designed pocket in the base (not inside the tent), so doesn’t slide about.

Q: How much space do I need to assemble the travel cot?

A: Not very much at all, but stand well clear of delicate ornaments and young children when opening – it really will pop-up / fly open, and it can make quite a loud noise when first opened

Q: Can I wash the sleep mat?

A: Yes, the sleep mat is fully machine washable.  The Travel Centre itself and the self-inflating mattress should only be wiped clean with a damp cloth and should be fully air dried before folding / storing.

Q: What Certification do the NSAuk Travel Centre have?

A: The NSAuk Standard and Deluxe Travel Centres are certified as Travel Cots to BS EN 716-1:2008 +A1:2013 and can be used inside or outdoors. Modifications have been made in order for the NSAuk versions of this product to comply with all UK standards. Other branded products which appear similar are NOT certified for sale or use in the UK. The air mattress complies with EN71-3 and EN ISO 12951-1 & 2. The Cotton pad complies with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100:2012 Class 1: Baby.

Q: What are the dimensions and weights of the two Travel Centre models?

A: The Deluxe version weighs 2.7kg (NW) ~ GW is 3.1kg (boxed);
Open dims: 136x89x64cm;
Packed dims: 46 dia x 17cm;
Boxed dims: 46 x 46 x 17cm

The Standard version weighs 2.0kg (NW) ~ GW is 2.4kg (boxed);
Open dims: 119x75x47cm;
Packed dims: 36 dia x 16cm;
Boxed dims: 36 x 36 x 16cm

Q: What is the UPF of the products?

A: Whilst most options are UPF certified up to 50+, the Yellow version is rated at 35UPF – we therefore use 35UPF as the standard for all colours as a guaranteed minimum. The Travel Centre does not offer complete sun protection (particularly the insect mesh), so additional & appropriate precautions against sunburn is recommended. A child’s safety is your responsibility.