Babybay - Convertible

The Original Bedside Cot ~ physically attaches to parent’s bed to provide a safe & secure space for baby ~ easy access for night time feeds, nurturing & bonding ~ plus, everyone gets a better night’s sleep!

Babybay - Maxi

~ suitable for Twins, Multiples or Large Singles

Babybay - Trend

The Trend ~ Award Winning Contemporary Design


Babybay - Maxi Boxspring

~ 20cms taller than other Babybay models, the Maxi Boxspring is suitable for High Divan beds



The Original Bedside Cot, the safest and most comfortable way to be close to your newborn baby. Offers all the benefits of co-sleeping without any of the associated risks.

The Babybay Collection ~ The most complete range of Bedside Cots.

Highly recommended by Health Professionals and Mums

Babybay Awards new

Babybay - Convertible

Original cot.

Convertible brown 

Babybay - Maxi

Ideal for twins.


Babybay - Trend

Contemporary styling.


Babybay - Maxi Boxspring

For High Divan Beds.

Box Spring Beech co