Babybay - Convertible

The Original Bedside Cot ~ physically attaches to parent’s bed to provide a safe & secure space for baby ~ easy access for night time feeds, nurturing & bonding ~ plus, everyone gets a better night’s sleep!

Babybay - Maxi

~ suitable for Twins, Multiples or Large Singles

Babybay - Trend

The Trend ~ Award Winning Contemporary Design


Babybay - Maxi Boxspring

~ 20cms taller than other Babybay models, the Maxi Boxspring is suitable for High Divan beds

~ 100% recommended by Midwives in Germany


The Original Bedside Cot, the safest and most comfortable way to be close to your newborn baby. Offers all the benefits of co-sleeping without any of the associated risks.

The Babybay Collection ~ The most complete range of Bedside Cots.

Highly recommended by Health Professionals and Mums

Babybay Awards new

Babybay - Convertible

Original cot.

Convertible brown 

Babybay - Maxi

Ideal for twins.


Babybay - Maxi Advance

Contemporary styling.

Babybay - Maxi Boxspring

For High Divan Beds.

Box Spring Beech co